With five lead singers and a stockpile of songs from all over the musical spectrum, the Munich String Band always puts on a varied and exciting show. Equally proficient at traditional bluegrass and the modern sound, with everything from swing to gospel to blues adding variety to the show, the band's signature style is bringing new attention to the genre. The tight rhythm section supports the rich harmonies and expert instrumental solos, and the band can go from gentle and fine to dirty and rocking in a matter of moments. The five friends played together in various formations for years before finally forming the band in the spring of 2016, immediately getting to work by producing a CD and a film soundtrack in their first half year in addition to dozens of live performances. The Munich String Band is following in the footsteps of the fine string bands throughout history, simultaneously paying homage to and expanding the tradition.

Philip Bradatsch - banjo
Gabe McCaslin - fiddle
Philipp Schöppe - mandolin
Paul Solecki - bass
Rico Waldmann - guitar

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Stage Plans

Need a stage plan? We've got three options, depending on what kind of gig it is. In addition to these three choices, we can also play completely unplugged in intimate venues of course.

Stage Plan A is when we play using individual instrument mics. This is the default formation, how we played for years before experimenting and adding the other two options.

Stage Plan B is when we play using instrument pickups. This is the best for louder pub gigs, it doesn't sound as natural of course but we can turn it up all the way.

Stage Plan C is when we play around one mic the old fashioned way. This setup is good for quieter listening audiences and smaller theatres, but works well in larger venues too, it just isn't as loud. We don't need monitors for this setup.